5 Fun Math Field Trips In The Denver Area

Expand upon the math lessons in the classroom with an exciting field trip in the Metro-Denver area that allows your students to experience real-life lessons in the subject. These interactive math field trips offer opportunities to see historical and cultural sites while learning the basics of engineering, distance, travel and even scoring music.

While we've picked five trips we like, visit Explorable Places to find the perfect math trip for your students!

Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

Kinetic Engineers

This fun-filled field trip program is designed to promote critical thinking while supporting the Mathematics Standard 4 for the state of Colorado. Groups of 15 to 30 will find themselves building ramps and pathways, while calculating measurements along the journey. Help your students investigate force and motion like a real-life engineer and test out ideas and collaborate together. This 45-minute program is ideal for first and second graders.

Colorado Mountain Club

American Mountaineering Center Rock Climbing

On a field trip to the American Mountaineering Center, your students can utilize their math skills while testing their strength and balance. The facility hosts field trips for both indoor and outdoor rock climbing, and encourages participants to calculate distance and find creative methods to climb the boulders. The field trip features equipment for each student and a demonstration that focuses on how to tie knots, utilize body strength and rappel. The recommended age group ranges from kindergarten to 12th grade students, and the program can be modified to meet the needs of the class.

Colorado Railroad Museum

Great Expectations

Expand upon lessons of time and travel when making your way to the Colorado Railroad Museum for an interactive field trip. Teach the kids how to calculate time when traveling onboard the trains that represent Colorado history. Ideal for satisfying standards of the Colorado Core Curriculum, this field trip is open to all grade levels and allows up to 60 students maximum.

Tesoro Cultural Center

Bent's Fort: A Crossroads

Lead your students on a two-hour program that explores not only the history of Bent's Old Fort and mathematical lessons. Tour the Fort region while adding up distance and calculating weather conditions while also examining historical objects. Your students will have the opportunity to think critically during hands-on activities and make connections between the past, present and future. The Bent's Fort field trip is ideal for grades three through eight and up to 75 students can attend at one time throughout the year.

Colorado Symphony

Youth Performance

Learn more about scoring music, measuring notes and combining sounds when treating your students to a youth performance at the Colorado Symphony. Admire the beauty of the Boettcher Concert Hall and enrich your students' knowledge of symphonic music at the same time. Youth concerts are open to grades three through twelve and offer an enriching field trip experience in the metro Denver area.

Do you have a favorite math field trip in Colorado? Share it in the comments below. We want to know how you enhance your math curriculum when venturing outside of the classroom.