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Children learn best when they’re exploring the world around them, and there is an abundance of knowledge and wonder to be found in our own backyards.

Today, the way we interact with this world is changing. As digital learning gains a greater role in a child’s development, real-world discovery also becomes more imperative. Most subjects can be learned online, so our main role as parents and educators is to foster a child’s curiosity and passion for learning.

Educational trips are one of our most powerful tools in this regard, with well-researched benefits like academic success and social development. Field trips create memories and meaningful knowledge that stay with kids beyond the test, beyond graduation, for life.

Yet obstacles in the planning process make field trips difficult to realize. The hundreds of tiny details can make field trip planning feel impossible with all the other things competing for our attention as teachers, and we need all the help we can get.

Welcome to Explorable Places

Here, it’s easy to research, discover, and book the perfect trip. Explorable Places empowers everyone in the world of education – parents and caretakers, teachers, and camp counselors, as well as cultural partners like museums, parks, nature centers, and more – to create unforgettable field trips.

Our mission is to elevate the role of field trips in modern education and make their benefits a more integral part of our students’ learning journeys. We connect educators with cultural destinations across the country, making a positive difference in the lives of thousands of children each year.

For parents and educators — We are a one-stop source to research and choose the perfect field-based learning experiences for your children.

For cultural partners — We are a platform to attract more members of your community, so you can enrich more lives with your unique resources.

Our Story

Explorable Places was founded in 2015 by Meg and Scott Davis. Meg has taught in schools in New Orleans and then Brooklyn and has also worked with museums and nature centers. Scott is an experienced software engineer who has worked with a number of large and small tech companies including WeWork and Ebay. Their combined experience is the perfect formula for an online and mobile platform that benefits the world of education.

Meg and Scott sat down with over 50 leaders and asked, “What do you need to make field trips more attainable?” The response: help with planning and scheduling, largely because the process was different at every destination. Meg and Scott then spoke with dozens of museums, farms, and nature centers to sketch a tool that met the unique needs of those institutions and those of parents and leaders. To this day, we see parents, leaders, and cultural organizations as our partners and continue to work with them every step of the way.

We launched Explorable Places in New York City and are already working with hundreds of cultural partners and continue to expand across the US. As we grow to support a greater number of educational communities, we make a greater difference in the lives of youth across the country.

Your Story

Your class’s next story is soon to be written. You have the power to enrich and expand their world.

We’re here to help.

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