Stories Rock!


Celebrate diversity with Cherie Karo Schwartz and her dynamic stories that span a wide variety of cultures. You may also combine this program with a field trip to the Mizel Museum to provide students with a visual experience that complements the stories. Cost: Classroom (up to 40 students, 30 student minimum)
$10/student Assembly (over 40 students) $250 plus $1/student

Offered At

Mizel Museum

The Mizel Museum is dedicated to fostering cross-cultural understanding, combating racism and promoting social justice. We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate diversity and to combat discrimination and hatred. Our programs, events and exhibits address these and other social issues and encourage positive change in our communities.



History, Social Studies, Cultural Connections, Social Justice, Arts


200 students


60 min.


School Based Program


3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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