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The Mizel Museum’s film series and guided discussions include a collection of films that confront issues of racism, discrimination and anti-Semitism, and address the importance of becoming civically engaged. The program documents major historical events such as the American civil rights movement and the Holocaust and illustrates how events of the past connect to the world today. Can be presented at your school or at the Mizel Museum as part of a field trip. Cost: Classroom (up to 40 students, 30 student minimum) $10/student. Assembly (over 40 students) $250 plus $1/student. Subsidies available; please contact us. Colorado standards-based lesson plans are available to complement your instructional goals.

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Mizel Museum

The Mizel Museum is dedicated to fostering cross-cultural understanding, combating racism and promoting social justice. We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate diversity and to combat discrimination and hatred. Our programs, events and exhibits address these and other social issues and encourage positive change in our communities.



The Civil Rights Movement, Modern History, Social Studies, Social Justice, Current Events


500 students


90 min.


School Based Program


6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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