Creative Composting


Join our educators for a tour of the Wyckoff Farm & Composting System. We will dig in and learn about the process of decomposition, play the compost sorting game, and explore our worm bin. Through fun hands-on activities, students will learn how the composting process captures greenhouse gasses and reduces the effects of global warming on our local communities. Students will leave with the understanding of the importance of sustainable practices to take back to the classroom and home!

Offered At

Wyckoff House Museum

The Wyckoff House Museum preserves, interprets, and operates New York City’s oldest building and its surrounding 1.5 acres of farmland. Through innovative educational and farm-based programs we build cultural and agricultural connections within our community, emphasizing immigration, family, food, and community through history. During field trips to the farmhouse, students learn about the history of the site through inquiry, exploration, and hands-on activities.

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We are in school district 18.



Ecosystems, Agriculture, Climate, Conservation, My Community


30 students, Max 6 chap., Min 2 chap.


90 min.


Field Trip


2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Price Options

$250.00 per Group for Private School

$180.00 per Group for Public School

$150.00 per Group for Local District School

$150.00 per Group for Title I School

$100.00 per Group for Self Contained Special Education Class