6 Free Field Trips In Denver

Looking for a free field trip idea that your students will love? We know how stressful it can be to get funding for a field trip, so we put together some of our favorite free field trip destinations that are educational and fun for everyone. Students can delve into Denver’s unique history, learn about art and science, and experience nature without having to shell out money for admission fees. Here are some amazing free field trips in Denver!

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Students are always excited to see the amazing exhibitions at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This gigantic municipal museum is a well-known hub for learning in the region, but what is not so well-known is that your school group can visit for free. Denver Museum of Nature and Science will open your students’ minds to fascinating concepts such as life science, natural history, and outer space. New exhibits are always coming in, so keep an eye on the museum website to see what content is being offered.

Clyfford Still Museum

Clyfford Still Museum encapsulates the work of a 20th century artist, but students will get much more than your typical walk-through art gallery experience. For students in grades 8-12, free self-guided visits are allowed, giving your class the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of abstract expressionism. The artwork you’ll see here is thought-provoking and is sure to spur the imaginations of your students.

The Hudson Gardens and Event Center

During the warmer months, The Hudson Gardens and Event Center is a perfect place for your next free field trip. The Gardens is a great place to observe wildlife, smell the flowers, and let your class get some fresh air. The Hudson Gardens and Event Center offers a wide variety of interesting features such as a songbird garden, plenty of scenic walking trails, and art installations throughout the park. There is even a picnic area overlooking a peaceful pond where you can bring your class to eat lunch.

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver is the coolest place in town to look at art, and your class can visit for free! This museum is bursting with youth and culture, and it’s perfect for grades 7-12. There’s a strong emphasis on the struggles of teenage life and many young people find the artwork here highly relatable and inspiring. The museum has a cafe on its roof that you can visit for lunch with a nice view. Your students will enjoy the opportunity to check out artwork done by other young people.

Denver Art Museum

There’s no better way to supplement your curriculum than bringing your students to see the amazing exhibitions at the Denver Art Museum. The Denver Art Museum is free for kids, and offers many forms of art from 3D objects and illusions to historic paintings and sketches. Students are able to witness art from different cultures that is packed with history and perspective. Be sure to monitor the museum’s exhibition page to see what new exhibitions will be on display. The Denver Art Museum has excellent field trip options and the museum is entirely free for kids 18 and under. If you’re a Title I school, they may even provide funding assistance for transportation.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Did you know when there is no concert being held, admission to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is free? Few places offer a better opportunity to experience Colorado’s unique and breathtaking landscapes. Your students will love the chance to sit atop the massive amphitheatre, and witness the natural amplification of sound from the rock walls surrounding the stage. Outside of the concert area are hiking trails and more spectacular views. Taking your class to the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is sure to be a field trip they won’t soon forget.

Educational field trips don’t have to cost a fortune! You, your students, and your school can save lots of money by cashing in on these free field trips in Denver. Next time you want to take your class on an adventure off school grounds, visit Explorable Places for some great field trip tips and ideas right in your city!