5 Philadelphia Math Field Trips To Bring Learning To Life

Offer a fun and educational supplement to your classroom instruction with a math field trip in the Philadelphia area. Each interactive field trip gives your students a chance to explore math and historical concepts while learning the basics of engineering, plant growth, fabric measurements and more.

Choose from these five math field trips to add up the value for your students' learning.

Independence Seaport Museum

Historic Ship Tour

Help your students learn the basics of how engineers calculate distance and navigate the sea with a tour of the Independence Seaport Museum. The self-guided field trip for grades K-12 features an hour and a half tour of the vessels with stops in at exhibits that feature a collection of compasses, maps and navigation objects from the colonial era. Spend only $9 per person when taking a group of 10 or more.

The Fabric Workshop and Museum

On-Site Studio Programs

Enhance your math lessons with an interactive field trip to the Fabric Workshop and Museum, where students get a chance to measure, cut and craft fabric. The On-Site Studio program allows your students to design hand screen-printed fabric while also offering a tour of the facility that features an expansive collection of designs. This program is ideal for middle school and high school students seeking to expand their math and creative skills.

Fairmont Waterworks

Seeing is Believing

Give your students an opportunity to calculate distance while also learning about aquatic microbiology with a field trip to Fairmont Waterworks. This interactive field trip, designed for grades 7-12, incorporates both lab- and field-based activities so students can develop STEM skills and knowledge. The lessons on river life complement both math and science curriculum. This field trip is designed for groups of 25 students or less.

American Helicopter Museum and Education Center

The Forces of Flight

A tour and workshop at the American Helicopter Museum gives your students a chance to learn about how helicopters use forces to maneuver and fly. The one-hour demonstration with optional pre- and post-lessons features activities that demonstrate how the four main forces – weight, drag, lift and thrust – impact helicopters and flying objects. Geared toward grades 3-6, this field trip is accompanied by pre-visit materials to help your students prepare for the educational journey.

Bartram's Garden

Growing Our Own Food

Your students can enhance their math knowledge when estimating and measuring plants and food growing in Bartram's Garden. When opting for a nature tour or garden exhibition, your class is exposed to how farm fresh food benefits the mind and body. In addition, these interactive field trips give your students a chance to get their hands dirty. A maximum of 60 students can attend this field trip designed for grades K-12.

We'd love to hear about your favorite math field trips in the comments below. Bonus for trips we haven't heard of. Looking for the perfect trip? Be sure to check out Explorable Places!