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Field trips to Maine Historical Society and school based programs with MHS staff visiting classrooms are available on limited basis and in a modified format due to COVID-19. Virtual experiences are also available. Masks are required for all guests and staff on the MHS campus. Call 207-774-1822 ext. 214 FMI. Please check back for updated information and visit our website for lesson plans, distance learning/virtual resources, and more:

A growing museum, incomparable library and statewide educational resource, Maine Historical Society is located in the heart of Portland’s downtown cultural district. Founded in 1822, the Maine Historical Society is the third oldest state historical society in the United States. MHS is comprised of the Wadsworth–Longfellow House and Longfellow Garden, the Maine Historical Society Museum and Store, the MHS Research Library and the online database Maine Memory Network. Our one–acre campus, which is open year round to educational groups, is situated in downtown Portland, across from Monument Square. The Maine Historical Society strives to serve the entire state through its education and outreach programs.

For school/educational groups, MHS charges a flat rate based on group size: up to 15 students = $75, 16-30 students = $150, and 30-50+ = $225. If that cost is in anyway prohibitive, please email Kathleen Neumann at explaining your circumstances. MHS never wants cost to be the reason a school/educational group can’t visit MHS and so we are happy to work with you to make necessary adjustments and accommodations.

Lunch Notes

MHS does not have a lunch room or cafe on site, but we do have spaces where students may enjoy lunch or snack. Please note that MHS cannot provide a lunch/snack, only a space to enjoy them.

While food and drink are permitted in the Lecture Hall and Longfellow Garden, those spaces must be reserved ahead of time to ensure their availability and this time must be built into your visit schedule. Food and drink are not permitted in the exhibit galleries, the Wadsworth-Longfellow House, or the Brown Research Library. Additionally, the availability of the Longfellow Garden is weather permitting.

If you would like to build time into your program for lunch or a snack, please make this request when scheduling your visit.

Bathroom Notes

Maine Historical Society has one men’s and one women’s restroom, each with two stalls. These facilities are wheelchair accessible.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or would like to request a change in field trip plans, please contact the Curator of Education and Interpretive Programs at 207-774-1822 ext. 214 ASAP. In order for Maine Historical Society to properly plan for all interested student groups and ensure that educational programs are staffed appropriately, cancellations must be made no later than 48 hours before your scheduled visit or your group will be invoiced a $50 late cancellation fee (weather related emergency cancellations excepted). Due to high demand, Maine Historical Society cannot guarantee the rescheduling of canceled a field trip without 14 days' notice. Field trips are not automatically rescheduled when canceled.


489 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101

+1 207-774-1822

10:00 am - 5:30 pm
10:00 am - 5:30 pm
10:00 am - 5:30 pm
History, Social Studies, My Community, Primary Sources, Research, 18th Century, 19th Century, Poetry, Informational Texts, Visual Arts, Colonial Times, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Industrial Revolution, Immigration, Slavery, 17th Century, African American History, World War I & Ii, Native Americans, Women's History, Geography, Government & Civics, Cultural Connections, Reading, Literature, Writing, Non Fiction
School Based Program, Field Trip, Professional Development, School Partnership
3 5, 6 8, 9 12, Adult, Postsecondary, K 2
Scholarships Available
Outdoor Lunch Space

Learning Experiences

School Based Program

An Introduction to Community History (45 min. classroom program)

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AVAILABILITY OF THIS PROGRAM MAY BE LIMITED AND/OR OFFERED IN A MODIFIED FORMAT DUE TO COVID-19. THIS PROGRAM IS ALSO AVAILABLE VIRTUALLY. CALL 207-774-1822 ext. 214 WITH QUESTIONS OR FOR CLARIFICATION. A Maine Historical Society educator travels to your school to introduce teachers and/or students to the Maine Memory Network, our statewide digital museum. Sessions include a hands-on demonstration of the website and discussion of opportunities for your students to explore the history of your community.

These sessions last about 45 minutes and should be held in a computer lab or classroom with Internet access. We are flexible and can schedule demonstrations during class periods, department meetings, in–service days or after school.

Subjects Covered

history, social studies, my community, primary sources, research

3-5, 6-8, 9-12, adult, postsecondary
25 stu., 1 chap. per 25 stu.

school based program

45 min.
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