The Revere Children and the Siege of Boston


After his midnight ride, Paul Revere couldn’t return to Boston. What became of his family as patriot forces besieged the city, trying to expel the British troops? Children find out as they take on the roles of Sarah, helping her mother pack to flee the city, and Paul Jr., left behind to guard the house against marauding soldiers. Pre-visit materials provided.

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The Paul Revere House

The Paul Revere Memorial Association actively preserves and interprets two of Boston’s oldest homes. We provide our increasingly diverse audience with remarkable educational experiences based on historical issues and social history themes relevant to our site, our neighborhood, and Boston from the 17th through the early 20th century.



History, Colonial Times, Revolutionary War, 18th Century, Social Studies


44 students, Max 8 chap.


90 min.


Field Trip


3, 4, 5

Price Options

$175.00 per Group for School Group

$75.00 per Group for Title I School

$0.00 per Group for City School