Fun and Games in the 1700s - for SUMMER CAMPS


Introduce young children to life in colonial Boston through games popular in the Reveres’ era. Inside the Revere House, students search for beans, thimbles, a bed wrench and other household items colonial families incorporated into pastimes. Students then try their hands at games such as Snail, Button-Button, Jackstraws, Beast-Fish-Fowl, and Ninepins. Fascinating details emerge about many aspects of daily life. P

Offered At

The Paul Revere House

The Paul Revere Memorial Association actively preserves and interprets two of Boston’s oldest homes. We provide our increasingly diverse audience with remarkable educational experiences based on historical issues and social history themes relevant to our site, our neighborhood, and Boston from the 17th through the early 20th century.



18th Century, History, Colonial Times


15 students, 1 chap. per 5 stu.


90 min.


Field Trip


1, 2, K, Preschool

Price Options

$100.00 per Group for School Group

$0.00 per Group for City School