Community Conversations (Virtual - 2022)


All around the world, people are faced with conflicts of environmental justice and are affected by social, economic, and political influence.This lesson introduces students to the concept of environmental justice and civic engagement with an interactive role-play activity. Students will learn to communicate with one another to devise an equitable plan for the sake of all stakeholders involved and consider the range of environmental impacts that community level decisions can have.

-Students will define and identify the ecological significance of an Estuary
-Students will identify at least one environmental impact of climate change
-Students will learn how to organize their thoughts and communicate to a group
-Students will discuss solutions to a local environmental concern that support and protect all stakeholders

Please note that there is required student prep work to be lead by teachers prior to this program. Be sure to factor in extra time when booking. Thank you!

Offered At

Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park's River Project is in the process of determining our availability for programs next season. You can sign up here to receive updates about the Park’s education and science programming. You can also learn more about the Hudson River using our free environmental education lessons, including the STEM Activity of the Week, on our Educator Resource page.

Hudson River Park’s River Project hosts free and low-cost environmental education programs for school groups, summer camps, and the general public, using the Hudson River waterfront as its classroom. Students can also have the opportunity to visit native fish at the River Project Wetlab, a marine science field station that features a 3,500-gallon flow-through aquarium system that supplies brackish water pumped from the Hudson River Estuary into a collection of fish tanks hosting native species.



Government & Civics, City Planning, My Community, Social Justice, Speaking & Listening


40 students


60 min.


Field Trip


6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12