Citizen Kid


Our farm—past and present—plays an important role in our community. On this field trip students will learn about their place in the community and the roles of children at the turn of the 18th century. Students will try out the different ways that children in the 18th century helped on their family farm, what school was like for the children at the time and what kids did when there was time to play. All of this learning and growing helped children to become good future citizens in their community. This program is approximately 2 hours long.

Offered At

Coggeshall Farm Museum

Set on 48 acres of coastal farmland in Bristol, Rhode Island, Coggeshall Farm recreates the daily experience of tenant farmers on a salt marsh farm in the late 18th century. With a new, innovative partnership with Old Sturbridge Village, Coggeshall will expand and enhance the visitor experience through live interpretation, enriching events and educational programming, historic structures, heirloom plants and gardens, and heritage-breed animals.



History, 18th Century


100 students


120 min.


Field Trip


1, 2

Price Options

$10.00 per Person for Students

$10.00 per Person for Adults