Five Magical Math Field Trips In Los Angeles

Math lessons can extend way beyond the classroom and luckily, Los Angeles has several venues available to help complement your curriculum. Help your students explore math concepts in exciting environments when you opt for these math field trips right in your own backyard.

Choose from these five math field trips to add up the value for your students’ learning.

Chicago Architecture Center

Building Blocks of Architecture

Created for students in K-3, this interactive field trip includes 60 minutes of guided activities that introduce students to art and architecture. Your students can learn how to calculate measurements for building structures, perform hands-on activities that require addition and subtraction and of course, plenty of fun.

Kids World Family Entertainment Center

The World of Gravity

Ideal for students in grades K-5, this interactive field trip leads students through the power of gravity. Your students can explore STEM concepts, such as the properties and counteracting forces of gravity. Opt for the 4-part lesson field trip and expand learning into electric and magnetic forces, energy and matter and engineering design.

Battleship IOWA Museum

Day of Discovery

Your students can enjoy an interactive field that tests their math skills and expands upon science, engineering and even communication skills with the Day of Discovery program at the Battleship IOWA Museum in Los Angeles. This field trip for students in 4-8 grades explores depth measurement, water displacement and buoyancy, hydrodynamics, distance calculation and more. Crucial STEM concepts are prominent with a focus on problem solving, innovation and team building.

Fairplex Farm

Nutritional Math

Perfect for students in K-12, a field trip to the Fairplex Farm can complement both your math and science curriculum. This interactive field trip exposes students to the ins and outs of a working farm with an emphasis on how to identify nutritious foods, calculate calories and nutritional content, as well as identify wholesome food. Students are given the opportunity to connect with the farmers and learn more about how animals are cared for on a daily basis.

Port of Los Angeles

School Boat Tour Program

Spend an afternoon with students in 4th through 8th grade exploring math concepts and the beauty of the ocean. This one-hour educational tour takes place on the Harbor Breeze Cruise boat and helps students learn more about world trade. Prompt your students to calculate the value of trade, estimate the number of containers in full view and explore the Harbor channels while on board this massive boat.

Now that you’ve learned about our favorite math field trips in the Los Angeles area, share your favorites in the comments below. We want to know how you enhance your math curriculum when venturing outside of the classroom.

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