Five Free Field Trips In The Los Angeles Area

Your students deserve a chance to explore science, math, history and art in their communities. However, tight district budgets may impede these efforts. Luckily, the Los Angeles area is home to many venues that are free and full of fun and adventure for all grade levels.

Choose from these six free field trips to supplement your students’ classroom learning.

Travel Town Museum

Group Tour

Designed for students in 3rd to 8th grade, the guided tour of the Travel Town Museum is not only free, but also fun. Students are lead through an interactive tour with information about railroad safety, types of railroad cars and steam locomotives. Take a walking tour of the museum or head to Holden’s Corner to learn railroad songs with your students.

Griffith Observatory

School Program

This two-and-a-half hour program for 5th graders provides your students with opportunities to use telescopes, interact with the exhibits and see the stars up close and personal. The unique facilities and school program are available for free during the school year when reserved in advanced. The interactive demonstration and observatory lectures are perfect for expanding your science and astronomy curriculum.

Flight Path Museum & Learning Center

Aviation Tours

Expand your students’ knowledge of planes and flight patterns with a free field trip to the Flight Path Museum and Learning Center. This learning center offers educational tours, historical exhibits and a peek at the research facilities. Find aircraft parts and walk through the golden years of aviation when expanding the minds of students in grades 5-12.

Roundhouse Aquarium and Teaching Center

Marine Science And Environmental Education

There is something for children of all ages to learn when opting for a free field trip at the Roundhouse Aquarium and Teaching Center. Field trips are perfect for grades K-12 and focus on hands-on, experiential learning. Your students can learn more about the ocean, pollution, animal interaction, beach explorations and more with this free field trip in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Audubon

Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program

Get your older students in grades 7-12 involved in preserving the Earth. This free program incorporates research, community leadership, restoration and environmental science into your curriculum. The free program exists thanks to a collaborate effort from local non-profits and is perfect for expanding science lessons.

Photo Credit: Matthew Field - Own work, CC BY 2.5,