Fantastic Museum Programs That Serve Students With Autism In New York City

There are a number of great programs around the city designed especially for children on the Autism Spectrum. Many programs allow families to arrive before the museum is open to allow for a quiet introduction to the museum. Read on for some of our suggestions. If you know of any others, please reach out to Meg and we will add them!

The Children's Museum of the Arts

Inclusive Saturdays (Stripes)

The 'Stripes' program is a structured workshop that helps students with autism develop social skills and practice communication. Students participating in the workshop get to explore different art mediums in a hands on way. The museum has created a super helpful social story about the experience that is available for download here.

Age: 7 and under, over 7

Cost: Free

Duration: 75 minutes

The Tenement Museum

Private Tours for Visitors on the Autism Spectrum

The tenement museum offers private tours for people on the autism spectrum disorder either before the museum opens or after the museum closes. The tour can be organized by calling the museum two weeks in advance. The staff has created a helpful social story about the tour here.

Age: 8 and up.

Cost: Admission ($20 for students, $25 for adults)

Duration: 1 hour

The American Museum of Natural History

The Discovery Squad

During the Discovery Squad Program children and their families have the opportunity to visit the museum an hour before it opens to participate in a guided tour. Younger children will get to explore the mammal and ocean animal dioramas. Older children will get to learn how the earth creates volcanoes and earthquakes.

Ages: 5-14

Cost: $15 for adults and $10 for children

Duration: 1 hours

The Whitney Museum of American Art

Family Fun: For Families with Kids on the Autism Spectrum

During The Whitney Museum of American Art's program for kids with Autism, kids get the chance to have guided tour with a trained educator before the museum opens for the public. After the tour, children are taken to a private classroom to do an art project and have a snack. The program's social story gives a great overview here.

Age: 6-12

Duration: 1.5 hours

The Brooklyn Children's Museum

Sensory Room

The Sensory Room at the Brooklyn Children's Museum gives students an opportunity to explore in a room filled with sensory objects. The sensory room is reserved for children on the autism spectrum disorder and children with special needs multiple times each week. Check out the museum's calendar for the next available dates.

Age: 4-12

Cost: $11 per person

Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes