6 Free Class Trips In The Philadelphia Area

It's important to give your students field experience and learning opportunities outside of the classroom; however, tight district budgets may be impeding your ability to do so. Luckily, the Philadelphia area features plenty of opportunities for free field trips that offer lessons on history, math, science and art.

Read below to learn about six free field trips that you can take in Philadelphia to supplement your students' classroom learning, or visit Explorable Places to find more.

Benjamin Franklin Museum

Every Kid in a Park

Your students can explore Benjamin Franklin's life and character with an interactive tour of the Benjamin Franklin Museum. Free for school groups, ranging from K-12, this museum tour includes hands-on displays, artifacts and computer animations that help illustrate Benjamin Franklin's impact on history, culture and society.

Fireman's Hall Museum

1902 Firehouse Tour

Take your students for a tour of the Fireman's Hall Museum in the historic Old City district of Philadelphia. This free field trip gives your students a glimpse of fire-fighting tools, uniforms, fire marks and apparatus. This restored firehouse offers historical lessons for grades K-12 and is free to the public.

Institute of Contemporary Art

Gallery Tour

Your students can take in the breathtaking creations of established and novice artists when taking a field trip to the University of Pennsylvania's Institute of Contemporary Art. Middle school and high school students can browse the exhibitions that feature offer a glimpse into contemporary art and culture. Expand upon your history and art lessons with an interactive tour of this facility. The free exhibits are available for large groups with reservations.

Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden

Outdoor Field Trip Tour

Allow your students to roam the three terraces and view the 17 sculptures along the Schuylkill River when hosting a field trip to the Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden. Discuss the plant and flower species within the garden and create an interactive scavenger hunt for your students to enjoy. Ideal for K-12 students, this free field trip is perfect for complementing science, history and art lessons.

Independence Hall

Building Tours

Learn more about the building where the Founding Fathers created the nation with a field trip to Independence Hall. Your students can learn about the historical significance of Independence Hall with guided tours along the first floor of this historic building where the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were signed. Ideal for students in 4-12 grades, this field trip is free; however, tickets are required for most tours.

Franklin Post Office & Museum

Colonial-Themed Tour

Enhance your math and history lessons with a field trip to the Franklin Post Office & Museum, which is the only Colonial-themed post office currently operated by the U.S. Postal Service. Take a tour of the second floor that features displays of postal memorabilia and history. Students can also see the facility to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of the postal service. Appropriate for grades 4-12, this field trip is free for students and chaperones.

Now that you've learned about our favorite free field trips in the Philadelphia area, share your favorites in the comments below. What was your favorite and why?