5 Kansas City Remote Learning Resources

Classes won’t be embarking on spring field trips as usual, but institutions around Kansas City have created ways to share field trip experiences during remote learning. As an instructor, these links can supplement lessons in fun and interactive ways. As a parent, these resources can spark curiosity and discovery from home. Wherever you are currently learning, arts and cultural centers have a lot of inspiration to share!

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The museum has launched an At Home Learning Page on its website. Current highlights include virtual walkthroughs of galleries, up close magnification of paintings, and classroom connection activities. Educators at the museum will continue to upload inquiry-based learning content that helps students engage with visual thinking strategies. Reach out to the Educator Resource Center for help building lesson plans or making connections between their collection and your curriculum. Plus, the sculpture garden is still open for socially-distanced observation.

World War I Museum

The educational resources from the World War Museum are searchable, rigorous, and incredibly varied. The content they curate extends well beyond history by diving into current events, poetry, and visual art. Interactive highlights include designing camouflage to keep a ship safe and making a string telephone while investigating technology from the first world war.

Kansas City Symphony

We could all use some classical music to enhance our at-home days. Luckily, the Symphony has music and so much more to offer! Learning guides are available and adaptable to most ages. Explore storytelling with Peter and the Wolf or STEM principles with the Science of Sound. Or, meet a musician and learn about their specific instrument.

Truman Library

Using primary sources and standards-based lessons, this presidential library provides educators and students with searchable resources and engaging activities. Contextual decision making is a key skill in their lesson plans and resources. Educators at the Truman Library have also collaborated with national partners to develop online student programs. With so much to explore, start with the highlights, like the Spy’s Dilemma or Three Branches of Government, or use keywords to refine your search. Get started here.

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

How does a virtual playdate sound? Educators at the Kemper Museum have taken inspiration from their collection to create art videos of hands-on projects perfect for at-home innovation. Dig deeper into artistic thinking by following links to featured artists. You can observe artwork and compare it to your own projects.

We have amazing arts and cultural institutions in Kansas City, and they are still open for learning (from afar). This list highlights only a few places that are collaborating with educators to deliver experiential learning opportunities. Share in the comments other programs or resources you have found helpful for distance learning!